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Our classes are small, and our instruction is great. The low instructor-to-student ratio is our secret. We believe in offering a fun environment with great teaching. We instruct and correct with encouragement. Every student gets personal instruction EVERY class.

No one gets lost in a big class because
we don't do big classes!

Students have the opportunity to participate in
 Winter Performance -
an individual performance opportunity
Spring Performance-

a big group performance opportunity with 
stage, and lights

Weapons Level 6-8 years old

Introductory Level White Belt ages 3-5

Introductory Level White Belt ages 6-8

Weapons Level ages 3-7

Introductory & Weapons ages 9-13

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EXTREME Martial Freestyle

Unlike your typical karate class, our EXTREME Martial Freestyle trains kids to be Martial Arts ATHLETES. It takes traditional style with kata and forms and blends it with parkour, tricking, sparring, tumbling, and weapons