letter for teachers
please email your child's teacher and forward this to help us streamline the daily process and be more efficient  (you can just "copy and paste" the text below to your email. Thanks! Renae

Hi! This is Renae Robertson, the owner of Kinetic Kids Gym in Penn Laird. We have __________ with us here for virtual classes and work. Now that we have a couple weeks of experience, we see what our need is to better help the students. It would be very helpful to get clarification on the weekly schedule, assignments, and expectations for each of our students. We know they are primarily in Seesaw, but every teacher does it a little differently.


We have up to 20 students per day from 6 different grades and 7 different schools. You can imagine how varied the schedules are. Can you please provide a schedule and direction on assignments? If it's just a copy of an email sent to parents initially, that would be very helpful.


Our days feel a little like 20 Easter egg hunts for assignments and some have gone unfound. :( We want to ensure every student is succeeding.



1. Homeroom Zoom times AND where the zoom link will be each day. Is it the same link every day?

2. Specials (PE, Music, Art, Guidance): Are there zoom classes for these or just assignments and, if so, what days/times? Should we message those individual teachers for this information?

3. Daily assignments: Where will these be provided? Are there additional assignments elsewhere? For example, we are seeing spelling words (and spelling assignments) in a different location for some students. 

4. Reading: Are there daily/weekly reading goals? And how do we acknowledge the completion of those.

5. What is the best way to contact you during the school day? Many of our students have messaged their teachers through Seesaw about a current assignment but not received an answer at all. What is your preference for urgent questions as well as general questions?

6. Individual Zoom conferences/help. What are the opportunities to set up one-on-one help if needed and how do we schedule that?

7. Special small group meetings. Some kids have "small group" meetings some afternoons. Is there any set meetings and, if so, what days/times and where would the link be?

8. Anything we didn't even ask about?



Also, suggestions from us. :)

We cannot hear what any teacher says to the students and are relying on the kids for information. This often proves an unreliable source. :)

1. Breaks: some teachers have a timer counting down their break on the screen. This is so very helpful. Any way to designate to the adult what is happening would be helpful. We have had several students misunderstand directions and miss a lot of class. Example: Just a shared screen that reads "On break until 10:15" or "Helping students individually. Please be back by 9:27."  Maybe an inbox message stating the plan? Or are the breaks always the same and for the same length?

2. Obviously, not every kid is at their home or alone. Activities like scavenger hunts are fine and fun, but are challenging. Finding toothpaste, hair brushes, and other home goods at a childcare center is hard (especially in trying to not distract all the others). ;) Just a little advanced notice of these activities, and we can fully participate. We are MORE than happy to do science experiments or any activities. All the kids here enjoy watching and participating in those very much! 

3. If there is a problem during the day with your student, I understand parents are the first line of communication, but know we are the adults with the student. So, quicker action can be taken if we are contacted. Our number here is 540-433-5437. My cell is 540-908-6403. And the quickest email for response is RenaeAnnRobertson@yahoo.com


Thanks so much for the help and guidance.


If there is anything you need us to do to make this year more successful, let us know. We are in this together! :)


Renae Robertson
Kinetic Kids Gym
4753 Spotswood Trail
Penn Laird, VA 22846
p: 540.433.5437
c: 540.908.6403